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Katipo at the $200s on Bovada (Part 2) 

$200 Heads Up Poker on Bovada Katipo

Katipo continues his live session on Bovada with $200 and $100 regular speed games. In the first game, he adjusts to somewhat aggressive preflop play but passive postflop play. The other game has a villain who is more aggressive postflop than preflop. Several super turbo situations come up.

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Katipo at the $200s on Bovada 

Katipo at $200 HUSNG Level on Bovada

Katipo goes fishing at $200 regular speed games on Bovada and encounters opponents with odd tendencies like never c-betting. This is a live session video. Part two will be released later this week and is an hour long.

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Katipo at the $100s (Part 3) 

Katipo at the $100s against a semi regular heads up sng opponent

In the final installment, Katipo plays a semi-reg taking shots at the $100 + 5 regular speed level and discusses the different adjustments necessary against this opponent. This includes adjusting to a wide button range and aggressive 3-betting.

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Katipo at the $100s (Part 2) 

Katipo at the $100s, against aggro 3bettor

Katipo continues his live play in $100 + 5 regular speeds on Bodog and focuses on getting thin value, letting go of tempting hands, as well as adjusting to players with high 3-bet frequencies but more passive postflop play.

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Katipo at the $100s (Part 1) 

Katipo at the $100 heads up sngs on Bodog

Katipo plays three heads up sng opponents at the $100 + 5 regular speed level on Bodog and talks about his game plan vs unknowns.  He discusses applying implied reads based on early hints about the player type, such as limping

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