JackTheShipper Heads Up Tournament Series Video 6 (Championship Match) 

JackTheShipper Heads Up Tournament Poker Video

JackTheShipper gives us his final installment of his heads up tournament series. In this 45+ minute video, he talks about 3-bet bluffing, value betting and multi street barreling. This is the championship match of the weekly $215 hu tourney on PokerStars.

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JackTheShipper Heads Up Tournament Series Video 5 (vs Betterways) 

Heads Up Poker Tournament Battle

JackTShipper plays Betterways in the quarterfinals of the $215 Heads Up Tournament on PokerStars. He talks about cards that are normally the worst to barrel on and how they can become good cards to bet on against certain opponents (particularly regular vs non regular differences). He also talks about leveling, donk betting ranges and overbetting for value versus bluff catchers.

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JackTheShipper Heads Up Tournament Series Video 4 

heads up tournament video

JTS enters round 5 of the PokerStars Weekly $215 $40,000 Guaranteed heads up poker tournament, facing off against forhayley. He talks about how to assess when your opponent's range improves relative to your own range, double barreling second pair type hands for value and when/why to check raise the river for value.

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JackTheShipper Heads Up Tournament Series Video 3 

JTS Poker Concepts Video

JackTheShipper continues his $215 HU MTT run by playing Player0207 in round 4 of the tourney. He talks about poker concepts such as out of position preflop play, exploring opponent tendencies, alternatives to check raising and some discussion about leading the turn.

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JackTheShipper Heads Up Tournament Series Continues 

JackTheShipper plays Maxim Lykov PokerStars Pro in this Poker Video

JackTheShipper begins round three of the $215 heads up tournament, facing PokerStars Pro Maxim Lykov at the start of this video. Topics discussed in the poker video include 3-betting, trapping, quickly changing stack sizes, out of position hand ranges, bluffing and bet sizing.

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