Cog Dissonance

Cog Dissonance Beginner and Intermediate Hyper Turbo Strategy 

In this video, Cog Dissonance plays hyper turbos for a beginner to intermediate audience.

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$15 Turbo Speed with Postflop Emphasis 

Cog Dissonance Reviews Postflop Play on PokerStars

Cog Dissonance reviews play at the $15 turbo speed level. He puts a particular emphasis on postflop play as he analyzes hands against a pair of opponents.

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Cog Dissonance $100 and $200 Hyper Turbo Review 

Cog Dissonance Hyper Turbo HUSNG Review

Cog Dissonance reviews heads up sit and go hands against both recreational players and regulars. The pros he faces are ranka666, pdogedog and n00ki5. He discusses end game strategy concepts.

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Cog Dissonance $100 Hyper Turbo Games 

Cog dis hyper turbo versus DONTSTAKEME poker video

In this video, Cog Dissonance talks about how gameflow impacts decision making as he analyzes play at the $100 hyper turbo level on PokerStars. He faces a variety of opponents including regulars Ace0fDiamond and DONTSTAKEME.

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Cog Dissonance Hyper Turbo Leakfinder 

Double Barreling in Heads Up Sit and Go Poker HUSNG

Cog Dissonance reviews student play in a small stakes buyin hyper turbo video. He discusses spots that are good and bad to double barrel, among other end game, hyper turbo related analysis.

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