Borg7's videos

Borg7 Plays PHMERC at the $300 Level 

Borg 7 plays PHMERC in heads up poker video

Borg7 talks about play from his perspective when facing off against PHMERC at the $300 buyin level on the Merge Network. He discusses some interesting situations, including a 3-bet pot. PHMERC's commentary takes place in his 27th video.

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Borg7 300 and 500 Euro Level Games 

Borg7 returns with a live play video at the E300 and E500 levels on PokerStars. He talks about thin value betting, playing passive opponents and losing the minimum for this 45 minute session.

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Borg7's Dual Commentary Video 

Borg7 Dual Commentary Heads Up Poker on BestPoker Video

In this video, Borg7 reviews his roomate mbradycf's play at the $50s and $100s during his recent trip to Mexico. Mbradycf joins Borg in this video, as they discuss a variety of concepts including check raising light and pot control against aggressive opponents.

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Borg7 Two Tables 50 and 100 Euro Buyin Games 

Borg7 plays 50 and 100 Euro Heads Up Games

Borg two tables the 50 Euro and 100 Euro buyin level games on PokerStars.  Among the topics discussed in this video are thin value betting and inducing bluffs.

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Borg7 High Stakes Heads Up Sit and Go 

Borg7 plays high stakes heads up sit and go poker

Borg plays some higher stakes heads up sit and go matches on  He talks about 4-bet jamming hands, under represented hand strength situations and thin value bets while playing the 350 and 500 Euro buyin levels.

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