Woops, I messed up

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Hello !

First of all, pardon my English, I'm French and very tired !

I'm a semipro player, I wanted to switch from MTT to sng hyperturbos (It's not possible to do a one hour session with MTTs) so I bougth a videos pack.

Download links are broken so I used a tool I use professionally to checkout why (I'm a security consultant)

I forgot that I configured my tool (Burp scanner) in "active aggresive live scan", which I almost never do (It depends on the client). So I sent a looooot of private random message (and may be randomly messed up with things).

I'm not a bot, sorry If you receveid a private message from me !

(BTW: /files/videos/downloads/video_packs/zzz_phl/zzz_phl_vids_1_to_5.zip returns a 404)


Still, If you have a answer about the 404, I'm interested.

Sorry again,



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Hey sorry about that. We

Hey sorry about that. We moved servers and did some upgrades recently and a few links have broken without us realizing it. We're working on fixing this tonight, apologies!