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Winning Poker Network Adds Rematch Button; More to Come

Add Another Table In Development

Winning Poker Network Adds Rematch Button

The rematch button has come back, and this time permanently, to the Winning Network. Home to popular sites such as America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker and True Poker, the rising network has readded their rematch button to the software this month. The previous addition was quickly removed due to a bug in the update. The network has the added feature to their rematch box, which tells you your current record against your opponent during the rematching. No other network has this feature.

America's Cardroom CEO Phillip Nagy also confirmed to HUSNG.com that an "an another table" option is in development as well. He added that the network understands the value of HUSNGs, both in game selection design and rake amounts, compared to heads up cash and that more features are on the way.

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