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What This Forum Will Be

The goal of this forum will be to further the progression of heads up sit and go poker. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Educating poker rooms about heads up sit and go fact versus fiction (game selection, rake, structure, edge).

- Lobbying poker rooms to improve their existing offerings (structures, buyins, rake).

- Creating ideas for new structures, features and add ons.


Some examples (and the problems) in the current climate:

- Merge Super Turbos (starts nicely at 30bb, but blinds double every 3 minutes, which is a bit too steep).

- Ongame Rake % (7.5-10% on many buyins) and Coin Flip HU Games (5% rake, literal all in first hand match).

- Party Poker Rake % (10% up to $10, making the lower stakes games raked very intrusively).

There are additional examples of issues found throughout the poker world that we can attempt to influence in a positive manner for players of all levels.


Some things to keep in mind when making suggestions:

- Poker rooms want to make money. Telling them to decrease rake needs to come with logical arguments and fact based approaches on why it is a good move for them to make (top competitors rake under 5% for the same games, their 10% rake traffic compared to their poker room's total traffic is less than half of what you see on other rooms, etc.).

- When thinking about new structures, sustainability is important. Heads up cash (and all of cash to an extent) suffers from the ability to sit out at any time, wait for very weak player, and deny action to stronger players. In heads up sit and go, that ability is limited in most cases, forcing players to play at their skill level or face negative results (long term). So when thinking of a new structure, you want to think about the game selection factor in particular.

- Expanding on the last point, you also want to think about the enjoyment of all player types. Casual players, part time pros, aspirig pros and professionals.

- Poker rooms are run by humans, and many of them are passionate about their product. While the smartest of them will invite constructive criticism, remember to keep it constructive. I've seen multiple poker rooms turned off by angry, even insulting posts made in their direction. I personally disagree with that reaction, but it is real, so keep it in mind, we want to be maximizing our chances of improving things, not angrily venting our emotions at these poker rooms.

- Suggest and respond to ideas in the same manner, constructively. Use a fact based approach to these things. If you don't like something, tell somebody why, if you don't believe it can work, tell them why.