Well this is my story...(not even one day lost)

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Hi guys,

Hope you are all well.

I remember myself playing poker for years, truth is that I discovered HU hypers recently (Dec 2015) and the excitement and love for the game was found again.
I've seen things,i've also seen vids and read stuff about Heads Up play and love it.

Deposited 100$ on stars and never looked behind for almost 3 months.Been playing the first month one hour per day ending up with 900$ at the end of the month ,playing mostly 3.50$ and 7$ buy in.My second month was even better, played mostly on 7$-15$ and sometimes even 30$ ending up with 5K profit.But that was not my best yet.Third month was a blast...Playing at the highest levels 100-200-300-500 even 1000 ending up above 10K profit and then....1st day of my 4th month after not losing a single day for 3 months...7000$ down in one day!!!Challenged the best and simply lost.Aint regret for playing with one of the best and lost.To complete the story and not taking long.Thing is that after the 1st day of the 4th,feel like that I cant play at all,day by day losing and feelling not even able to win the 7$ buy in games.

Three months in a row with not even one single day lost is way too much to be NORMAL results...But could I be "running so out of space good" that the glow made me feel like i could beat the game??? 

Trying hard to beat the game now and when my confidence is strong again,
I'll challenge again the best. 

My best regards


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Sorry, but it can't be

Sorry, but it can't be true.


What is your sn?

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Well, aint got any reason to

Well, aint got any reason to lie,here is my calendar.





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I believe you. Lets see some

I believe you.

Lets see some PT4 graphs.

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There's a ton of variance in

There's a ton of variance in heads up, especially hypers.

Not to knock your confidence, but I don't believe any player with 3 months experience could beat even the 7$ level consistently, let alone high stakes. I'd stick to playing for low/ micro stakes for now and take bankroll management more seriously.


Hope this helps