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Slow Playing

Hey Everyone

I recently read an article on heads up and they 

said you should almost always slowplay ​monsters

now I know that always is a controversial word in poker

I mean there are just so many situational factors

But is it a good idea to slow play monsters as a standard play?

I'm talking QQs pre flop or on the flop or a set postflop 

Particularly at the micro/low stakes

The reason I am asking is I recently played a $3 Turbo HU sng

​and every time I had a bigger pocket pair and raised 2x the guy folded

unless he had say Ax or any 2 paints in which case he might raise it 

but if I checked or completed pre flop then bet the flop

he would call more often or even raise  so when I got pocket QQs

I slow played pre flop bet half pot oop on the flop of KT4 (I think it was) then checked

the turn (a brick) then he bet about 3/4 pot I called then the river (another brick) check

he then pushes I call he showed up with Tx lol

so what do you think?