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Sharkscope and Winning Poker Network

G'day all!

I'm posting in order to ask everyone who reads this post to email the Sharkscope support team asking them to add the Winning Poker Network to their server much sooner than later. I have emailed them twice already, and the second time was well received with the agent assuring me that my advice had been sent to the site's administration for consideration; the first reply simply stated that the site had no agenda in regards to adding the network. For those of you who don't know, Black Chip Poker is now a part of this network and since I will be depositing there tomorrow, I would like the opportunity to not only scope my opponents but to have a shot at the Sharkscope Leaderboards as well, and you should too! I've already downloaded the software and created an account at Black Chip and can say there is enough traffic there to make it worth Sharkscope's while to add the network. Those of you who pay for the Sharkscope's services should find this important, along with those of you who are playing or planning to play at Black Chip. Though I don't have another site to compare it to, the software there is really crisp and provides a very smooth feel. There are typically around 7,000 people on at any given time. Come try it out with me, especially if you're an American player! It was suggested to me by Rypac13, so you know it's gotta be quality.

You can contact their team at support@sharkscope.com.

Thanks in advance for all your help!


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This is a good idea and I'm

This is a good idea and I'm sending an email now.
Hopefully a few others do as well.