sa1251's Heads Up Turbos At $15

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The newest video from Sean Anthony is a break from his series of hypers vids targetted at beginners seeking to move up. Instead, in this one, Sean live reviews games he played two-tabling at the $15s against unknown opponents. By live reviewing, Sean is able to deliver his analysis from the same perspective as when the decision was made, rather than having his analysis be colored by hindsight. Sean is seeking your feedback. If you have comments or criticisms, be sure to post!

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How come you limp so much?

How come you limp so much? Minraising is old? Can you exploit your opponents better with limping? Thanks.

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That's generally been the

That's generally been the thought in the hypers at least. I'm not sure about turbos, but many of the $100-500 hypers regs that have fallen off in recent years and been beaten up by up and comers and hard workers, have had a perceived leak of not limping enough hands preflop.