sa1251's Beginner HUSNGs Part V

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Here is the fifth installment in Sean Anthony's series of live review heads up hypers vids for beginners. In this series of videos, Sean plays at the micro levels against random, unknown opponents, and focuses his commentary on fundamentals and other topics that are important for helping low-stakes players move up.

The earlier vids can be found here:
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

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You run really bad lol. :)

You run really bad lol. :)

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I liked the videos a lot.  They are extremely clear and easy to follow.  I would really enjoy and I know many others on here would as well, an intermediate series at the 30 or 60 level focusing on which HUD profiles/stats are most valuable to you and how to apply them in games.  Appreciate everything and looking forward to the next series.

 -Chris (TitLeFiGhT)