sa1251 Two-Tabling Micro Stakes Heads Up Turbos Part 2

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Continuing where we left off with part one, Sean once again two tables at micro stakes, and does not use a HUD or other software aids, which allows him to develop and discuss his reads and adjustments naturally. In part two, Sean plays faces two opponents that he has no history with.

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 Hello, I can't call myself

 Hello, I can't call myself heads up expert (yet) but no kidding on last hand A3o and shove? Against potentially weaker opponent for 60 chips? No offense but it looks like a tilt for me, can you explain why is it 'definitivly shove'? ... Appricated :)

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Uhuh. Looks like a mistake to

Uhuh. Looks like a mistake to me too. Ace-rag is an open shove below 15 bbs only.


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If an opponent is limping a

If an opponent is limping a lot of middling hands, it's probably a fine-good shove at 17bb.

If the opponent is limping a polarized range and/or trapping, then it can be a bad thing to do.

Plenty of room to check back here, but I think the above advice should cover most situations generally.

Tipton's "GTO" ranges shoves at 15bb 50% of the time and checks back 50% of the time FWIW.

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RyPac is spot on here. Also

RyPac is spot on here. Also worth mentioning that open shove ranges have nothing to do with shove-over-limp ranges ;)