RyPac13 Video 17 - Regular Speed Series Part 2

RyPac13 continues the Regular Speed Series with a pair of matches at the $10.50 level.

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Let me know if you guys have

Let me know if you guys have any specific positive/negative thoughts about this video.

I took your comments from Part 1 into consideration and I think this was a better overall video.

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Indeed it was better!I

Indeed it was better! I liked, keep up the good work.     ; ) I just keep looking at the picture on the chat and thinking: "Yes baby call me donk alright"  : D edit: do you guys think that we can take advantage of the chat? for example when someone starts showing me bluffs or good hands i start saying "woaw, didn't see that coming" or as simple as "nh",  and I think it affect their ego and they keep showing me hands... For instance, with this guy that keeps calling you donk, maybe there is a way to "press his tilt button" :P

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I find that ignoring the

I find that ignoring the guys that really keep going off in chat tilts them the most.

If they leave a huge opening I'll pop in with some words, but usually I ignore the super aggressive insulters.

Sometimes people insult me in sentences that don't make sense, those guys are too idiotic to resist.

I do the same thing with the "nh" when they show me cards, for the most part.  I think it encourages them to show me more cards.

I do not ever tell players that they are good during the game, or that they are tough or those cagey ways of doing the same that I see regs do when they are intimidated "yea, I definitely would rather play a fish than you" or "two regs, this isn't +EV."  Just play the match, if you show your frustration or intimidation it just gives your opponent confidence.  You can be friendly, and I've certainly told plenty of players that they were good, just after the game, not during.

Also, never be intimidated.  Even the best players can lose short term to fish, and there isn't a player I've ever seen that doesn't have a leak (myself especially included), so just focus on finding weak spots and making good adjustments.  It just seems that when two good players play, a lot of times one player basically gives away what little edge he might possibly have by letting himself get intimidated and conveying that to the other player.

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Perfect! Ty for your answer.

Perfect! Ty for your answer.
Oh and sorry to derail the comments to other questions  : ( 

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I rated this video "Good" 3

I rated this video "Good" 3 Stars.

I thought that Parts 1 & 3 of this series had more content and useful discussions. The opponent type was similar to Part 1 (Weak) and the first part explained adjustments very well.

I did like you explanation of playing strong hands fast at lower stakes.

I have a couple questions:

@18:40 You fold a four flush to a 90 chip bet (330 in pot). You are almost getting correct immediate odds to call to hit your flush, assuming he's not drawing to a flush also. You are likely able to get another few chips on the river as well. Why not call the small bet? He has little behind, but that shouldn't affact the fact that you can get a bit of extra value on the river if you hit.

@26:00 you have AQo at 25/50. Villain limps with 550 behind. Would this be a good spot to make a raise to 200 with the intention of shoving any flop? This leaves him with 400 behind if he should flat call and he may spazz and shove allin weaker at some point.

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Rypac, this is an older video but I had some questions

@14:08 villain made a few 4x opens. O this handyou have 66. You mention that if you had 44 or maybe even 55 you would fold. Do you still stand by this or is 22-55 ok to call a 4x open?

flop comes J86 he bets 80 into 120 and you c/r to 260 he calls. turn is a 7, you lead for 400 and he calls.

river is a J and you say "that really helps us a lot". I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not but it seems like you're being serious. Wouldn't this jack scare the crap out of you? It sounds like you were putting him on an 8 more than J, which confused me a little. You shove the turn and he folds. I'm not sure what I would do in this spot and I could even see myself check folding. or bet folding. 

(he called you a donk in the chat after that too). :P








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- I still often stand by that

- I still often stand by that (generally speaking).  Especially if you're facing an aggro you don't quite have nailed down (as far as figuring out where he's weak when being aggro and where he's not), calling a 4x raise OOP with 22-33/44 can literally be unprofitable for you.

- If I had 66 on a 6JJxx board that 2nd jack would be a great card because I have a full house.  Further, the weaker pairs are more likely to call bets when the board is paired (compared to say an ace or king card) so I was likely going after value with my bet there.

Let me know if that's not clear and I'll give you some more detailed thoughts.  I assume you meant to say "you shove the river."