RyPac13 Video 10 - Reading Strength and Weakness


Rypac13 does an excercise in reading your opponent.  A few $6.25 turbos are played with his hole cards blocked to focus solely on reading and outplaying your opponent.

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Interesting...I think

Interesting...I think Moshman did something similar a while back.


Goats!!! MORE GOATS!!!

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Yes, he did.  He's the one

Yes, he did.  He's the one that let me use that hole card blocker (I gave him and the designer Dan credit in the opening of the video).

I'm working on getting this tool available for free use on our site for everybody.

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Excelent video

Excelent video Ryan. I have also seen the similar Moshman video using this tool for training and i thing its great. I would be greatfull if you could make this available for free soon. Thank you

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I am still awaiting Collin's

I am still awaiting Collin's final go ahead on the tool use.  It sounds like it's only a matter of time.

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Great video-helps solidify some of what Primo said...


This video was particularily useful as I had just watched Primo's intermediate video 5 (1 of 2) where the ending dealt with flop textures.  The end game analysis was pretty useful as well.  I find I extract a lot of value if I make to this stage; I'm seeing a lot of opponents who foolishly fold WAY too many hands and then advertise the value of their hands when they do raise, telling you to get out unless you've got the goods.  Your last opponent fit that profile perfectly.

Also, I liked your point of planning ahead for future streets.  This is definately something that will help me.  And the discussion of wet/dry flops and which ones to bet into (and what amounts) and which ones to check was very useful.  And, I liked the analysis of how to handle aggressive players who often bet out indiscriminately at the flop, and when you can reraise for fold equity.  You've been extremely helpful on many levels in aiding my overall improvement.

Thank you,


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Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind comments.

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Awesome video...thus a 5 Star

Awesome video...thus a 5 Star rating.

Very useful, in-depth commentaries on many situations dealing with bluffing and following through on bluffs.

Should be "required viewing"!

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nice!, you could also use the

nice!, you could also use the task manager to block a part of the screen, although with less functionality

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I find it pretty amazing how you dominated them just with using your foldequity! Very motivational video!

Something that catched my attention was your big bet sizing, even 20 BB deep you often trying to bluff him with 3/4 potsize. Would you also recommend this big betsizing for ST´s, since the coaches for the ST´s suggest more the approach of underbetting, specially with bluffs. By doing that my bluffs get ctached quite a lot though, sometimes even 3 barrels with bottom pair! Of course, after such a bluff catch I will bet mostly for value in the next hands. But I think that specially in the low stacks with the huge amount of fish that they are calling down way to light and don´t respect small bets that much (even if fired all streets) as opposed to thinking players who could identify them as value bets and fold their midpair on the river.