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Pokerstars lobby - give me some advice

I've read somewhere that player that sit 1st reg more often that player that come 2nd. Sitting regs at 60$ lvl is probably bad idea because of number of fishes. My problem is that hardly ever i see game with 0 players available more than 1 second. It seems sick to wait for free place and then be sitted by other reg that was 0,5sec slower/faster than me. I've missed something or playing regs/trying to register faster than other regs are only options?

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Yeah i also have the exact

Yeah i also have the exact same problem, i can not see how you can sit fish by sitting first, i thought the only way is to sit second (be very quick) when a fish pops up first. I think we are missing a trick (a very valuable one aswell) the 2nd cog diss free video i think is going to talk about it