Out of position play

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Hi, I have been playing heads up turbos for a few months at stakes between $1 and $10 and I feel I have a reasonable grasp of the game, I think that my main leak at the moment however is struggling to play out of position and knowing how often to take the lead on flops/turns? does anyone have any advice on the subject/ know of any free videos that address this topic,

many thanks

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You should be defending about

You should be defending about 85% of all hands vs a minraise from the bb. Even 72o should be -75bbs/100 or so, which is better than -100bbs/100 when folded. You don't have to defend 72o of course, but 72s for sure.

This can be hard to grasp and is really tricky to implement but is super necessary in the long run. Keep practicing!  glgl