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Other Products

Here is a list of other video packs and software, some specialist and niche products.

Video Packs

6-180 Man Products - Check out SitnGoGrinders, our sister site, for 6 max hyper, 9-18 man, 45-90 and 180 player SNG content!

Crushing Fish Like a Boss - An entry level hyper-turbo video pack, focusing on teaching new players how to play aggressive through a variety of creative exercises. If you're having trouble pulling the trigger on the bet or raise button, this pack is for you!

Math in HUSNGs - Coffeeyay focuses on teaching all the math you need in HUSNGs, broken down into a very easy to understand format. He also focuses on essential study tools.

Beginner Regular and Turbo Speed HUSNGs - Greenbast teaches the fundamentals of regular and turbo speed HUSNGs.

Beating Recs in Hyper Turbos - Ibavly explains how to beat recreational players in this low priced charity pack.

Hyper Turbo Masters - Some of the brightest minds join forces to bring you a video pack covering many facets of the hyper turbo poker game.

Hyper Turbo Class Pack - HokieGreg teaches hyper turbos, focusing primarily on population tendencies and formulating a game plan with little to no reads on your opponent.

Hypnotherapy MP3s - Listen to Elliot Roe's Hypnotherapy MP3s. Supported by many poker professionals across the world, Elliot is excellent at getting players into the mindset to grind their best!

Winning at Blackjack - Ryan "xscwx" Dodge takes you inside the mind of a proven winner at card counting. He talks about the keys to beating the house, but also the all important strategy of staying undetected for longer periods of time. Card counting has gotten tougher in recent years, but there is still money to be made when the house has the right shoe size and the player is well educated.

Standard Video Pack - Over 400 videos from our old membership video format, which went on from early 2009 until late 2012. Contains videos in all formats of heads up poker (cash, sng, turbo, regular and hyper formats).

Premium Video Pack - Over 800 videos from our old membership video format, which went on from early 2009 until late 2012. Contains videos in all formats of heads up poker (cash, sng, turbo, regular and hyper formats).

Mindfulbased Stress Reduction - Mindful based stress therapy has become popular in recent years as a way to aleviate stress. This package is a comprehensive introduction to this type of therapy.

Conquering Tilt - If you often fly off the handle when dealt a bad beat, this pack is for you! SGT RJ has experience in the field, and offers proven methods to cool yoruself down and keep yourself stable so you can execute the best strategy possible at the tables.



ICMIZER - The link will take you directly to the product's website. ICMIZER is a great tool for HUSNG and Spin and Go situations. You can use this tool out of game to study and analyze various simulated situations.

GTO Range Builder - GTORB allows users to mock up situations in an approximated Game Theory Optimal (GTO) format. This is powerful software that is used by some of the best professionals in poker.

Notecaddy Premium - This add-on for Holdem Manager 2 adds power to the database software, allowing you to unlock the full potential of Heads Up Displays (HUDs).

Hyper Helper - A tool by zzzTILT that helps you find ranges for common situations faster. This tool is more limited than CoffeeCalcs, but requires far less study time and skill to utilize.

Iphone App - Includes nash tables, expected profit calculator, quick results tracker, risk of ruin calculator, true win percentage calculator and variance simulator. Available for iPhones in the Apple Store.