My Heads Up Hyper Turbo Adventure

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Hello guys. My name is Hugo, I'm from Mexico and this is my first post ever in any type of forum cheeky .

I've been playing poker since 2011 mostly micro stakes 9 man turbo SNG's on Pokerstars and Full Tilt. But in late 2015 I had to withdraw all my money earned because of family issues so I stopped playing for like 6-7 months. In between I watched a ton of videos of Heads Up Hypers in youtube and I founded very interesting so I decided to give it a shot. I bought the zzztilt and phl500 video pack and it really helped me to understand this format so much more so I started playing in July this year the $7 level so I want share you guys my graph:

My goals for the next year is to reach the $30 or $60 stakes, play as much as I can, I really don't like to put myself monetary goals.

So du you guys do you think this is a realistic plan? Those levels are gonna still profitable in the near future?

Any advice will be appreciated!!!!

Any questions about my goals and stuff also will be replied!



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hi Hugo, very impressing

hi Hugo, very impressing stats man!! I don't have much experience so i don't think i can give you good advice (wait for others members for advices ). Any details about facing the 15s ?? Are you going to study something different/ get coaching or others stuff?? Good luck with your plan man !!