The Most Hated HUSNG Players

I want to make it clear that the users that rank on this list shouldn't be treated as bad people or jerks, this is just a fun and entertaining blog post, nothing more and nothing less. The players that rank on this list probably just share the traits of using the chat a little more liberally and a little more aggressively than the rest of the playerbase.

Without further delay...

The Most Hated HUSNG Players

1. Siervos = 11 Points

More recently known for his war in the chat against livb112, Siervos appears to make that type of chat commonplace in his daily grind as a professional heads up poker player.

2. PHMERC = 9 Points

2. SpankyKirky = 9 Points

If you spend any time on the Merge Network, or possibly even in the 2p2 HU Regs Thread, it should come as no surprise to you that these two seem to constantly be at it in the chat at the tables.

It is also unsurprising that these two players received the second most votes in this poll.

4. MTVdeuem = 6 Points

MTV's response to being included on this list, tied in 4th place: "****, I'm still too nice in the chat." Enough said.

4. Paul0s = 6 Points

I don't know Paul0s, but he looks like a winning $100-200 regular that a few people prefer not to see in the game chat.

6. howgood2good/genericsn87 = 5 Points

Judging by his blowup on this site in the n0body/spankykirky/PHMERC tirade/chat war, his spot on this list is well deserved.

6. livb112 = 5 Points

If I polled more players, particularly high stakes players, I suspect livb would move up further on this list. His aggressive chat has induced many players into tilting. On the other hand, he's one of the most respected players in high stakes heads up sngs, and has been for years, so perhaps he wouldn't fly too much higher up.

6. n0body = 5 Points

I remember a few years back on twoplustwo, he got into it with nemo, no charmer at the tables himself. More recently, he came off looking fairly well I think in the chaos that passes for a PHMERC blog comments section, sticking more to his "I'm just a pro who makes money and plays where I make the most money" line rather than getting too involved in the sideshow.

6. panamarespec = 5 Points

I don't know this player, but the people that dislike him really seem to dislike him with a passion.

10. stevesbets = 4 Points

I'm not sure he even plays HUSNGs anymore, but there was probably a time where he would've ranked in the top 3. Some called him a fish, some called players that felt that way the real fish. He killed a few known players, he also got killed by a few others. Controversy and chat tilt followed this eventual Team Online PokerStars Pro around and is well documented on numerous online poker forums.


Thanks to the 30 voters that gave me their top 3 "most hated" heads up players (only 4 voters are coaches here). Every voter is a regular at the $100+ levels, 28 of the voters would fall into the range of $100-500 level regulars, and two voters could be called $1k+ regs at the present time. First place votes were given 3 points, 2nd place votes 2 points and 3rd place votes 1 point.


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damn, if I knew it was that

damn, if I knew it was that close I def would have voted Phermc :D He wasn't even in my top3 tho. Where the fk is ScottyBCash in this list.. and..hum... myself?! lol

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lol <3 howgood

lol <3 howgood

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lollll this stuff is

lollll this stuff is classicc!!!!

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jackstackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!

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ill play sit anybody anywhere

ill play sit anybody anywhere anytimeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Seriously though Spanky, I'm

Seriously though Spanky, I'm not being a dick here, this is real talk:

What the fuck happened to your face?

spankykirky is my best friend

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ILL SIT ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!


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quality post, but dont

quality post, but dont understand paul0s being on here at all lol ive sat him a few times played like 30+ games against him and he has never ever said anything in chat not one word lol.



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awesome post

awesome post

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haha Thanks for doing this

haha Thanks for doing this ryan, good laugh :)

Most were kinda expected though IMO

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why is mtv on this list hes so cute and nice?

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Word on the streets is riyyc is a sweetheart these days, good job not putting him on list. NOT.

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Silly everyone :)

For all my voters itried, hokie, phmerc i could be wrong obvi.... But for all my voters/non voters good luck srry if i offended you God Bless

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spankykirky is my best friend

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For those that haven't seen

For those that haven't seen his twit pic, it's now my account picture on here.


(sick brag about knowing girls, spanky)

spankykirky is my best friend

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I feel bad for spankykirky

I feel bad for spankykirky tho

Anyone else seen his twitter pic? What an ugly unfortunate looking weakbodied bitch.

spankykirky is my best friend

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lol how do I not win this

lol how do I not win this

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Got nothing more than love

Got nothing more than love for PHMERC:P, I like to piss people off in the chat aswell:P

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the only reason Phmerc didn't

the only reason Phmerc didn't "win" is bc 95% of the people that hate him are not exactly the type that Ryan would ask to vote in a poll.

he prob asked a bunch of reasonably solid 100-1k regs...why would they hate Phmerc? those are deffff more the type to be biased toward hating Siervos imo. 

so even coming in 2nd place is f**king amazing to me. he doesn't even war the player pool that was polled really. also, he plays on the Merge Network so im assuming at least 2/3 of players polled he doesn't even play on the same site as. 

pretty damn impressive, Phmerc. 

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congratulations to siervos. i

congratulations to siervos. i look forward to my relatives being called stink donks many more times in the near future 

i think paul0s being so high is incredibly impressive given that he rarely if ever talks in chat. his style of play is just so f'ing tilting that he's despised by his peers. well done. 

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lol, this is epic. congrats

lol, this is epic. congrats Phmerc!

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If I had a say in this then I

If I had a say in this then I vote: