Mindset Pregame Warmup for Heads Up Poker + 4 Other MP3s

Elliot Roe's Acclaimed MP3 Teaching Now Includes a Special HUSNG Offering

Elliot Roe has designed a mindset warmup specifically for heads up players. Elliot is a fully qualified professional hypnotherapist and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner based in Las Vegas Nevada. He qualified with RBCCH (Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnotherapy), and is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. He has developed a hypnotherapy program to help players reduce tilt and improve their focus at the table.

Elliot has worked with a number of professional poker players. He also works with UFC competitors to help them mentally prepare for their fights by improving their focus and confidence.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective tool in many sports, and Elliot believes it has been under-utilised in poker. Poker is a game where playing with the correct mindset is incredibly important. Hypnotherapy is exceptionally effective at achieving the right mindset and effectuates positive change. Elliot believes it is the fastest and most effective way of reducing and removing tilt issues.

What's Included?

For $25, you will receive Elliot's specially designed pre game warmup. The length of the mp3 file is 15 minutes. Elliot previously released 25 minute audio tapes, but students reported more effective results with the more manageable length of 15 minutes prior to sessions.

Preview Video

Elliot's free video below is an introductory to hypnotherapy in poker. Give it a try to get an idea of what the heads up specific product on this page will be like. Also read the testimonials below from very successful poker professionals and hear what they are saying about Elliot's work.



What Others Are Saying About Elliot's Mindset Material

"I've currently done 5 sessions with Elliot and although he hasn't asked me to I want to give a review of his coaching.I started out quite skeptical. I've had well known mental game issues for many many years. I worked with Jared Tendler and he is very good, but wanted to try something else to see what it offered.Elliot's coaching is unparalleled. He has already had an incredible effect not just on my poker, but on my entire life. I had no idea how my experiences growing up shaped my personality and how these had been holding back my poker. After exploring this through hypnotherapy I'm reaping huge benefits. Resolving these issues has made my poker less emotional and more profitable and has also helped me in real life.Elliot is the real deal. I would stake my reputation on that. I can't recommend him highly enough." 

- Cog Dissonance (Source)


"I just wanted to let everyone know that Elliot has been overly helpful to both myself and all my students. If you can play poker without tilting, you will see a huge increase in your win rate. I am confident I would not be playing at my highest level ever without him." 

- Jonathan Little (Source)


"Like Elliot says, the subconscious is listening and that's the most important thing.I've found them equally as effective when I am daydreaming a bit vs being totally focused on Elliot's voice.These mp3s have increased my A+ volume a solid 40%. They are no joke." 

- Yourdoom (Source)

"I play 5/10 and 10/25 no limit live for a living and highly recommend Elliot Roe for anyone who wants to improve not only poker, but anything else in life" 

- 2p2 user Harborlaw (Source)


Cost: $25


Payment Methods: Paypal (Credit or Debit card without a Paypal account), Moneybookers

Release Date: February 12th, 2013

Release Price: $25

Length: 15 minutes

Total File Size: 19.5mb

File Type: MP3

After purchase, click this link to download Mindset Pregame Warmup


New products Added


Online poker mindset ($25.01)

Put your mind in the best possible state prior to starting online poker sessions. This Mp3 has been shown to reduce stress and tilt in players and improve their focus and confidence at the table. Download HERE after Purchase

Live poker Mindset ($25.02)

The perfect preparation for a live poker session. This Mp3 helps improve focus and reduce tilt at the poker table. As an added bonus it also includes suggestions to help improve you awareness and reading of opponents tells at the table. Sit down with the confidence to play your best poker. Download HERE after Purchase

Post session warm down ($25.03)

Ideal when dealing with the stress of a multi day tournament, or an intense grinding period. This Mp3 has been developed to help you reduce stress and improve your sleep after long and stressful sessions. Enabling you to leave any negative thoughts of the days poker behind and focus on future success. Download HERE after Purchase

Mp3 Sleep ($25.03)

Download HERE after Purchase

Note: Download HERE if you have purchased all 5 Products



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Same Problem

I am also trapped in a weird circle of pages, each redirecting me to the another without the option to download.

I can download the pregame warmup but not the other four mp3s

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This link should work (it's

This link should work (it's in the downloads tab) - http://www.husng.com/content/all-elliot-roe-files-download-page

That link is for people that purchased the combo package. It should've been listed on this page in addition to the downloads tab, but it wasn't. Sorry for the confusion.

If any links aren't working in the future, please email us right away.


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thank you^O^ it works now, I

thank you^O^ it works now, I only listened the HU Pregame warmup yesterday but was trying to use live poker mindset cuz I was joinning a live $150/$150(1000/1000rmb) 7ppl game, won $45k and just got back to hotel, I will listen the postgame warmdown and sleep mp3s, it helped me alot! thank you again!

I will use the currect live poker warmup today and see how it goes^O^

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Hi guys, Sorry Duellant. I

Hi guys,

Sorry Duellant. I did not see this.The

mp3s are audio (talking) therapy

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It's only music?

It's only music?

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HU Mindset Pregame Warmup

Are there only music or music with words in English in MP3?