Long term realistic win rate/ROI

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So I've seen lots of different answers to this question, realistically what can a winning player expect as a win rate? 

Obliviously to be winning after rake you need to winning around 53/4% of your games. Now to make real money from this surely you need to be winning 60%+? so winning 600/1000 games at $7 is only $700 before rake back. I'm confused to how people have made successful livings from these long term.

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You are definitely getting

You are definitely getting wrong information. At microstakes, a 52%+ ITM is good enough to make a player beat the rake on PokerStars or Black Chip Poker. 53% itm on 7s is equal to a 4%+ roi, which is very good for any stake. Ofc there are some poker rooms that a 52% ITM will not get you anywhere, but you should obviously avoid these rooms. Rake is a very important part of husng profitability, so you can't play on rooms where the rake is abusive.

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... also, depending on the

... also, depending on the cost of living in your country, you likely can't make a living playing 7$ HUSNG, however hard you try.