Jasonc6 Becomes First Full Tilt HUSNG Black Card Pro

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Big Prizes For HUSNG Pro

Mid stakes HUSNG player Jasonc recently became the first HUSNG player selected for the new Black Card Pro Program. He played over 35,000 games between July 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013, the timeframe of the first leaderboard.

Jason will receive $20,000 in tournament entries (or a $20,000 bonus) in addition to 6 months of 100% rakeback. His name will appear in red during this time.

FTP Rep Shyam Markus originally announced the inclusion of a HUSNG Pro in the promotion in the spring of 2014. Many big named pros, including 2013's million dollar profit winner mrGR33N13, weighed in on the criteria.

According to PokerFuse, the leaderboard will now run every 4 months, instead of 6 months. You can keep up on 2014's first leaderboard here (Dopeymcdope is leading).

Below is Jason's graph for the duration of the qualifying time period.

Full Tilt Poker Black Pro Jasonc6 Poker Graph

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Eek... That's like 230/240

Eek... That's like 230/240 games a day for 5 months ...?? 

Go forth and CRUSH !

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Congratz to Jasonc, and

Congratz to Jasonc, and gogogo Dopey