Is it possible...?

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Is it possible to start playing Spin and Go as a complete beginner?
I play on and hu hypers have very low traffic at most levels, so I don't know where to improve my hu game.
I'm wondering if the spin and go pack would be beneficial to a beginner like me..
What do you guys think? Any advice is appreciated!

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Finally a question that i can

Finally a question that i can answer.

Basically every game format is possible to beat as a beginner.If you are asking this question i assume that you're a micro limit player.
HU hypers have great traffic but they're not beneficial.YOU can learn HU poker playng spins no problem.Any pack would be beneficial if you are a beginner .Best would be to find a regular who would teach you an abc strategy from pre to postflop with  pf ranges vs unknown players.On the micros that would instantly make you an +ev player.