Interview with Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira (Part 2): "poker is a wonderfull tool to develop in a very deep level"

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Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira


Charles Hawk: What is the meaning of life to you/in your opinion, and is there any strict distinction between meaning and happiness? I mean, for me meaningful life is a happy life (happiness must include meaning), how about you?

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: Life is a gift, it does not need to be a meaning, in fact, it is you who gives it, but there is a lot of potential for sure, like a small lamp where could be everything inside, like none or everything.

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: "For me meaningful life is a happy life (happiness must include meaning)", yes it is definitely right, but the point is, how to achieve meaning? Happiness begins through a humble and simple mindset. People usually carry a lot of desires, and it ends up overwhelming their emotional. In the same way our bodies can not feel good with overwheight, our feelings can not feel good with overdesires; consciousness about the greatness of our body and soul is the key to hapiness, and it is easy to prove, would you exchange one single leg for millions of dollars? Is the billionaire Schumacher in a better spot than us? If we start to realize how amazing is the privilege of being in a human body, we imediatly would stop to complain about our luck, since there is nothing more spectacular than human body, thats the first step of hapiness. Do you realize that, most people, even in the most sordid conditions of life, still prefer living? It brings any lesson to you? Perceive how blessed we are for the simple fact we live? Second step for hapiness is stop to compete with others and start to compete with yourself and, if the garden of your neighbor trully is greener then yours, dont hate him by that, be humble, become his friend and try to learn with him. With no envy and no competition, the room of our mindset will be much cleaner, and there will be a lot of space to leave emotionally comfortable, the key of happiness.

Charles Hawk: Are you anxious about shortness of life?

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: If you believe in meaning, then you believe in purpose; if you believe in purpose, then you should trust that life is long enough.

Charles Hawk: You wrote: „I expect to join at least 1kk$ and after that spent the rest of my life just studying and helping people with knowledge.“. Do you have poker coaching in mind? Could you tell more how you are planning to help people with your knowledge?

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: Yeah, at least for a while. Some kind of mental/life coach, not sure exacly how.

Charles Hawk: Do you think poker creates value to humankind or the world? If yes, in what ways/If not, why?

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: It definitely creates, poker is a wonderfull tool to develop, in a very deep level, emotional control skills, financial management, deep notions of balance, focus, planning, etc; as in chess, the rules are simple, but the complexity can reach admirable levels, and the hightstakes will certainly charge that.

Charles Hawk: What are your favourite movies and books? Do you study or read philosophical books on a side?

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: Movies that tells us histories that actually happened; im a jewish guy, so i read many jewish books, most ethical books.

Charles Hawk: If you could change one thing about the poker world, what would it be?

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: Stop segregation.

Charles Hawk: Tell me more about your day-to-day life. How your standart week looks like? Do you set short-term goals?

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: Well, im about to marry right now, so my lifestyle is kinda messy, here is my focus at the moment and that is my short term goal. But in general my routine is very simple, i usually invest a lot in meditation, develop a hearty enviroment between my family and watch some educational videos. I invest in job just when i realize the base is very much solid, then i can work soft, this way we can sustain the storm that comes, it does not matter.

Charles Hawk: Tell me how much spare time do you (choose to) have, how are you balancing activities related with poker and “living-the-life”?

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: I use to invest something between 1-2 hours/day in completely recreational activities, like “just relax and smile” moments. I usually split this time between sessions by watching some short and fun videos on youtube. It is a beautiful exercise, especially when chaos decides to chase us on the felts. It helps us to realize that life goes far beyond a bad distribution.

Charles Hawk: Do you value money?

Yuri Cariry 'Mr. Cariry' Lira: For sure, a lot by the way. Amazing thins just can be done with material resources. Is is so fascinating to realize that something so useful and attrractive is not even close at the top of the list of the most important things we can conquer/achieve in life. Unfortunately, contemporary society is so shortsighted that is sees nothing beyond what appears in the last positions of what is indispensable.

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