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HSR weekly report #61: SwanRonson won almost $80,000; Biggest Loser - SkaiWalkurrr.

This week I tracked 28 players - 17 showed profit, 7 had losses and 4 were break-even. Winners combined for about $254,500, losers for about $77,000. Ryan "Moca Choca89" O'Donnell played biggest sample - 1,175 games. Check out the interview with him: CLICK HERE


SwanRonson Won The Most (+$78,498)

Finally started running well in all ins. Poker's much more fun when running above ev.

6 weeks ago he lost $162,353 after 380 games (mostly to Daniel Cates). After this weeks performance he fully eliminated that loss. In last 6 weeks SwanRonson has won $167,063 after 1211 games ($5,000s: +$146,256 after 656 games; $2,000s: +$24,999 after 170 games).

This week - as usual - he faced regs mostly. Especially played against VbV1990 and WCG|Rider. About WCG|Rider he said that he seems bad. WCG|Rider is cash reg who's started to play husngs not that long ago.


Conor "Earl Hindman/Jaws Washington" Shelly - Second Best


After 355 games he was up for $31,000, then in just 27 games, dropped to $14,802, but won it all back almost.

On most profitable day - Monday - he won $18,394 after 186 games. On the worst day he lost only $900~.

He paid $4,225 in rake.

After this performance his yearly balances are:


Richard "chadders0" Chadwick won $27,252!


Not often chadders0 has such a stable week. He made a profit every day he played: +$5,959; +$853; +$339; +$8,810; +$8,715; +$2,576. He won most from Daniel "mrGR33N13/riyyc225" They played 205 games.

After this performance his 2014 balance is +$902. Together with rakeback he is up for about $38,000.


More Winners

Jack "jackstack99/aisixer3jk" Ketendjian won $20,049 after 759 games; Adam "v2the3" Sykes won $18,745 after 653 games; Ryan "Moca Choca89" O'Donnell won $14,255 after 1125 games; caaaaamel won $14,123 after 268 games; Allan “Sifosis” Baekke won $12,227 after 1155 games; Eric2441989 won $10,262 after 894 games; Daniel "w00ki3z./jungleman12" Cates won $9,507 after 39 games; WhatIsICM won $4,927 after 710 games; Korpieworm won $4,414 after 708 games; Harthor won $2,940 after 50 games; Leon "flippetyflop" Louis won $2,787 after 392 games; Olivier "Adonis112" Busquet won $2,583 after 232 games; Dominik "mad_domonox/domonox" Bosnjak won $1,513 after 784 games; Dmitry "JustNoPain" Ivanov won $836 after 139 games.

Break-even: I Just L0Ld won $663 after 467 games; Martin “0Piggybank” Finger won $651 after 493 games; Qi "qihu00" Hu won $123 after 161 games; Grayson “spacegravy” Physioc lost $693 after 50 games.

Rachid Ben "SkaiWalkurrr" Cherif Lost The Most



2014 graph

In first 6 weeks of this year he won ~$150,000, now (after 12 weeks in total) he is up for $110,000.

Other Losers

Daniel "mrGR33N13/riyyc225" Colman lost $17,268 after 578 games; WCG|Rider lost $11,552 after 328 games; Fishenzon lost $5,906 after 51 games; GlassOfBeer lost $5,517 after 98 games; anthonyff lost $2,272 after 300 games; Wayde "ricestud" Townsend lost $1,450 after 158 games.


Posts From Last Week

1) REG WARS: Daniel "mrGR33N13/riyyc225" Colman vs. Richard "chadders0" Chadwick (Last week's hands)
2) Interview with Ryan "MOCA CHOCA89" O'Donnell


3) 6-max Hyper Turbo Weekly Results (#19): majkl1812 - Won The Most; Vladimir "shabalinvlad" Shabalin - Biggest Loser (+VIDEO)

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comment from Richard

comment from Richard "chadders0" Chadwick:

Well i guess i just ran good, the only highlight of the week was me playing wcg rider at cap for a few hundred hands thinking he was some complete donk. During the game I shared a "lol that's so bad" hand with a friend only to be told he is one of the best heads up players in the world.

Still going through quite a rough patch overall, 150k under ev since trying to move up to 1ks, but I'm nowhere close to giving up.


I am always looking for new interview opportunities with HUSNG and Spin Reg's who play $30s and higher. Please PM me here or on 2p2 (Charles Hawk).