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How reliable is POkerstars actually?

Hi,I'm playing the Hyperturbo''s on Stars. I'm playing $15 and $30 levels and been crushing $15 for 5%-6% roi over the last couple of thousands of games.I play a CogDissonance like style meaning tight preflop (limping a lot) and lots of barreling postflop. It feels to me this way i have a greater edge on lesser players and  especially it seems less variance heavy then the standard strat of raising most hands preflop; Anyway.. Last 3 weeks, just after i cashed out a decent amount of my roll for payments, it just seems like Stars has turned on the doomswitch for me and i've been running rediculously bad, having sessions of day after day where i just keep loosing most flips and hands that i dominate.My all-in ev line is just solid over the last couple of hundreds of games, but my green line (real income) plunges like crazy. I've been looking at my game and I'm pretty satisfied about the way i play so its not really my game in my perspective.In thousands of superturbos i have never experienced this amount of "bad luck" thats just been following up day after day after day after day.I'm at a point were I'm really doubting if I'm really not being cheated by pokerstars. Any1 else similar experience on stars? Or would you like to comment?Please do. 

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It's called a downswing. The

It's called a downswing.The doomswitch of stars is something that you can read lots about in public forums, but it mostly is an excuse of loseing players. HU SNG have a standard deviation of 1 and therefore contain plenty of variance.


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If you're doubting that the

If you're doubting that the site is not legitimate (especially a site like Stars), it's likely time to take a break.However, there are even exceptions to this. I've seen some very good players talk seriously about major sites being rigged while winning/playing +EV after a really bad patch.But it can't be a good mentality to have, some are just good enough to overcome the (imo) leak.

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An 800 tournament downswing

An 800 tournament downswing when you play a tight preflop strategy and have a positive redline (+ev) and getting it in bet majority of the time? well thanks for letting me know ^__^. I like Ryans comment. Made me think about it for a while and take it ez an dadjust my mindset.  

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800 tournaments is nothing in

800 tournaments is nothing in Hypers, but it looks more tilt-related to me by looking at the title of your post.