How are Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom these days?

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I quit playing intensely when poker after dark and high stakes poker came to an end on TV. Tom Dwan was considered one of the best in 6max cash, but lost his sponsorship with Full Tilt and I have not seen him in any poker shows during the latest years. I don't know about his online results of the last 3 years either, but I did hear about him playing rich businessmen in Macau. I don't know if the durrrr challenge ever continued, or if he made a deal with Dan Cates. He owes him big time. Viktor Blom stormed on to the scene and destroyed everyone heads up at nosebleeds, but he was running well. How have his online results been in the last 3 years, and is he still considered one of the best? 



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Dwan was reportedly doing

Dwan was reportedly doing very well in Macau, but I believe he stumbled from there. I think he's avoided the Cates thing. Sryslysrs had a hilarious song about it (called Dan or Tom or something, it was a paraody of an Eminem song).

Blom last I saw was having a big year. It's pretty public now that he's been a pretty big degen, but he continues to marvel with huge swings and was doing very well through like 8 months of this year (I haven't heard anything lately) to stay very relevant at the top of the game.