Help Requested: Importing Postflop Solutions Into "Simple Postflop"

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Joined: Sep 11 2010

I purchased Simple Postflop Strategy Pack #3 two days ago and was excited to get going after laying down $349.

Can anyone tell me how to import the Postflop scenarios into SPF? I can open and view them each individually, but this is extremely tedious, and it leaves out the Preflop ranges when I do this. I assume I can import them so I can access them in conjunction with the Preflop ranges?

It was 24 hours before an email to support was returned telling me where to input the license I received (there are three places in SPF...I had only found two of them...the wrong two). And this was after talking with two different people on Skype after searching "SimplePoker" (as instructed in their "Contact Us" section) who turned out to be scammers (they said to send more money...).

I got the preflop info up-and-running, but cannot figure out how to import Postflop scenarios into SPF. I've sent additional requests to email me or message me on Skype or ICQ, but I've heard nothing. Support is VERY poor for such an expensive product that has NO tutorial about set-up. I've viewed all instruction and videos on their website, but none of these explain how to import pre-calculated data.

Thank you in advance for your help.