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greenbasts journey to higher stakes

Im greenbast, for those who don't know me I am 26yo, been playing online for 3 years, and play lots of turbo speed husngs. I have free content on this site as well as my video pack (shameless plug):http://www.husng.com/content/greenbast-beginner-turbo-speed-pack 

The last few months have been crazy for me. Ive been backpacking through Europe and working on some computer programming projects which left me far less time to grind then usual. January of this year I put in an insane amount of value and burnt myself out. Ive not learned that I need to control myself with the volume, as when left to my own devices I play way to much (and certainly not always my A game). My goal of this log is to start pushing up the stakes some playing primarily turbo speed games. I am going to focus on playing fewer tables during this transition (Just 1 or 2). In the past at the $60 level I have played long sessions with up to 4 tables. 

Seeing as I have not played online in almost a month now due to traveling I will be starting at the $30 level. Seeing as most of my volume has been at the $60-100 level the past year this should be a nice starting point. Bankroll wise I can afford to play much higher stakes so when I feel comfortible I can move up quickly. I'm a bit of a life nit so I have problems moving up in stakes, hopefully this log pushes me. 

Also, on the non-poker front I am spending quite a bit of time computer programming. Right now I have just started working on the http://projecteuler.net/ questions which are very fun. My goal is to play/study for 4 hours per day, and work on programming 3-4 hours per day. I am educated in computer science and I am trying to keep current on many of my skills. I also have started on a cool poker related project which hopefully I can share more on soon. I won't update much on programming side of things. For those wondering I am focusing my effort on refining my C++ skills (I have not worked much with C11 so I need to catch up on that), as well as picking up some functional programming which is still leaving my head spinning. 

Goals for this log:

-Post weekly graphs (I have tried daily on 2p2 in the past but found it making me focus on single days to much)

-Post interesting hands / Hands which I am unsure if I played correctly

-Have some open discussions about hands

-Improve my play!

-Move up in the stakes and quit being a nit! 

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in for some hand discussion

in for some hand discussion of turbo hands

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Awesome, will be cool to

Awesome, will be cool to follow your progress after your break, glgl.

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Cool challenge, will be fun

Cool challenge, will be fun to keep tabs here.
One request: Pictures of your travels!

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Not off to a fantastic start.

Not off to a fantastic start. Couple of things came up this week and I only got about 50% of the volume I was aiming for.
Down 2 bis over super small sample. Started off playing very poorly but I spent some time reviewing some earlier hand histories and doing some database analysis and I am pretty comfortible with how I played. Looking to aim for 200 games this week.
Ill throw some pics up from my travels, I rarely take pics, a month in Europe and I only took a handful. Here is a few: http://imgur.com/a/2CT2Y Living in Canada and the majority of my travels to the USA. Mexico and Cuba so many things are insane to me in Europe. Everything is so cramped and space is so valuable, people actually ride bikes to get around! Went to UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany in the end. Had a blast and lots of fun in every place but I will say I gained some new appreciation for where I live in Canada currently. 
More grind.. Been working like mad on some of my programming skills as well this week which is going well. Poker and Programming are 2 very different things, however I feel there is some overlap in the skill sets as well. I'm hoping before to long I can make some really insightful programs which can analyze my database in some interesting ways which cannot be done in HEM/PT4. 

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Do you/did you play on any US

Do you/did you play on any US sites?

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Not currently, I do play on

Not currently, I do play on stars/ft/party

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K thanks... just wondering if

K thanks... just wondering if I knew who you were... gl with your journey man

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what are u playing on party?

what are u playing on party? its a pretty bad site for anything below 200s or 300s

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Any updates? How are you

Any updates? How are you doing?