fydor_8: Readless Hypers Part I

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Here is another free video from veteran video maker fydor_8. Fydor has been seeing success in his recent return to poker after spending time away from the game, and has picked up with his video-making ways as well. In this video, which is the first of two parts, he faces an opponent that he is not familiar with, showcasing play with no reads. Fydor spends a lot of time discussing each hand in depth and really walks us through his head as he explains his decisions.

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Quick Question

Hi fydor


Thanks for the interesting video and comments.

One question : with the TT hand, against a recreational player, is calling the 3bet shove the most ev+ option ?

I mean this kind of players is quite likely to shove any PP, ok, but also almost any Ax, which might lead to most annoying flops (not being result oriented here I swear wink)

Isn't this more a play to use against a reg than against a recreational, which you can probably easily defeat afterwards in the game by taking the lead rather than having to take any "call a shove" risks like this ?

Any thought on this alternative to fold against this particular type of player ?





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