Fydor_8: Hyper Turbos With Reads

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Today's video marks the return of veteran video maker fydor_8. Fydor has taken up hyper turbos, and brings us a heads-up hypers video in the $30 buy-in on PokerStars in which he faces a reg that he is familiar with. Fydor has notes on this opponent (whose name he has concealed for the purposes of this video) and an understanding of this opponent's tendencies, and his purpose with this video is to demonstrate how he adjusts his game for this specific opponent, as opposed to discussing how to play against population tendencies.

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Will it be more profitable to

Will it be more profitable to minraise being that he is flatting 54% and folding 27% from the bb, along with folding to 50% of our cbets or to limp stab which he folds to 71% of the time?   I'm not sure how to do the math on this when you have to factor in his 3bet %.