Well, finally got some momentum had a 30k week last week between and stakees which finally helped me get some decent profits for the year since i was prolly around breakeven before this. I was lucky enough to ship a 44 turbo/55 turbo and get 3rd inthe saturday 200 turbo. This month ive failed to get the type of volume ive wanted but was fairly close around 80-85 games a day i wanna atleast get up to 100-125 games a day turbo. Hope everyones doin well gl.


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30k week, very nice.  How's

30k week, very nice.  How's Austin?

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GL with your goals!!!

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Ty Jason Ryan you need to

Ty Jason you too.

Loving austin so far seems like a solid settling down spot might buy a house later this year not sure. You need to come check it out hang out wiht me ryan and bryan.