CoffeeHUD Updated To Version 2.0.3

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Hi everyone!

After several weeks of development and testing, we are proud to announce that we have just updated CoffeeHUD, our acclaimed heads up sit n go focused PokerTracker 4 premium HUD, to version 2.0.3. Improvements in this version over the previous version, 2.0.2, include:

•Several errors in stats have been corrected

•An import error involving a column name conflict has been corrected

•CoffeeHUD once again works correctly with PT 4.10.6 and newer versions, just as 2.0.1 did (2.0.2 had lost the ability to work with PT versions older than 4.11.1)

If you are already a CoffeeHUD 2.x user, PT4 will automatically import this updated version of CoffeeHUD next time it is launched, so no action is required on your part to receive this update (other than to shut down PT4 and start it again if it is already running).


As a reminder to those who have not already done so, if you are a CoffeeHUD 1.x user, you can upgrade to CoffeeHUD 2.x free of charge by filling out this form.

If you are not a CoffeeHUD customer yet, but are interested in finding out more about the best heads up sit n go focused premium HUD for PT4, check out this page.

Please enjoy the updated HUD. If anyone has any questions or encounters any issues, please e-mail us at

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When I launched my 1st table

When I launched my 1st table today, the table didn't recognize I had the coffee hud as the default hud, so had to manually go to hud options configuration and delete the coffeehud v2.0.2 on the active profile definitions for each site and then add the coffehud v2.0.3 for each site.Then I had to rearrange the layout I had.

Is it normal??


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yes, it´s normal.   tip of

yes, it´s normal.


tip of the day: if your coffeeHUD receives an update, play your first SNG at the 1,50$ level, so being distracted while readjusting the HUD doesn´t cost you quite as much.