CoffeeHUD Updated To 2.0.4

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Hi everyone!

Today we have some good news about the best heads-up HUD for PokerTracker 4: we have just released version 2.0.4 of CoffeeHUD. The critical changes in this version of CoffeeHUD are that a stat bug in the code for two of the open shove stats has been discovered and fixed, and also we have just completed a massive rename effort for all of CoffeeHUD's internal components, which should eliminate some rare errors that occur on new installs.

And we have even better news: unlike past CoffeeHUD updates, with this update, instead of replacing the old CoffeeHUD profile with the new one, we have instead added the new version as a second profile that will not affect your previous 2.0.3 profile. Every time a PT4 add-on like CoffeeHUD is updated, PT4 resets all of your customizations to that add-on (such as, for example, how you positioned all of the stat groupings in CoffeeHUD). Unfortunately, we have no way to transfer your CoffeeHUD 2.0.3 customizations to CoffeeHUD 2.0.4, regardless of which update approach we take. However, with the approach we are using now, at least your 2.0.3 customizations will not be discarded by PT4 for 2.0.4. This gives you the leisure to continue to use the 2.0.3 profile with your old customizations intact while you work on customizing 2.0.4 the way you like it. We have already added all CoffeeHUD 2.0.3 users to 2.0.4, and PT4 will automatically download and install 2.0.4 for you next time you start (or re-start) PT4.

There is one more important point to be aware of: PT4 users who are using a version of PT that is 4.11 or newer will need to manually invoke a cache rebuild after CoffeeHUD installs for them. This is actually necessary to do for anyone who has any kind of custom statistics in PT4, not just CoffeeHUD. The steps are easy: from the main PT4 screen, select as follows: "Database", "Database Management", "Rebuild Cache", "Full Cache Rebuild". These steps are not necessary if you are still using a version of PT that is pre-4.11.

As always, if you encounter any issues or have any questions about CoffeeHUD, please send us an e-mail at or use our contact form.


We'd like to remind our old version 1.x users of CoffeeHUD that we will upgrade you to our 2.x series for free. Use this form to submit an upgrade request. (To clarify: this form is only for 1.x users wishing to upgrade to 2.x; if you are already a 2.x user, you receive all updates automatically, and do not need to complete that form.)

And we'd also like to remind everyone that's not already a CoffeeHUD customer that they should be a CoffeeHUD customer! Check out this page for an introduction to CoffeeHUD.