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CoffeeHUD is the premier heads up display (HUD) on the market. It contains hundreds of custom statistics designed and tested by professional players. The HUD has been updated for years, with the goal of being the best custom HUD for use at the poker tables.

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CoffeeHUD HUSNG for PokerTracker 4 - The original HUD, recently updated to version 2.1, many stats and an efficient design give you the best HUSNG HUD on the market.   More Information


CoffeeHUD HU Cash for PokerTracker 4 - Comes with three HUDs: Deep Stacked, Regular Stacked and HU Cap (Short) Stacked. All stats work for cash game tables, to help give you the best information possible against your opponent.  More Information


CoffeeHUD HUSNG for Holdem Manager 2 - The HUSNG HUD ranges from $89 to $149, depending on your buyin level. The HUD is sleek and designed to work smoothly and effectively on this poker engine. More Information. *Requires the purchase of Notecaddy Premium to work.