CoffeeHUD Cash Now Includes Full Stack Option

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Users that purchase the new CoffeeHUD Cash can now have the option for using the CAP stacks (short stacks), full stacks (deeper stacks) or both versions of the HUD when purchasing. CoffeeHUD Cash only requires a single purchase to use either or both of these heads up cash versions. The effective stack sizes are the difference in these two HUDs.

The largest stack size on the CAP version is 30+, whereas the full stack version includes separate categories for 30-50, 50-80, 80-150 and 150+ stack sizes.

Users purchasing CoffeeHUD Cash will get the CAP version by default. Simply email if you'd like the full stack sizes for deep stack cash to be enabled as well, and you'll have the option within pokertracker 4 to use either HUD.

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