Heads Up Diplay Poker Software for PokerTracker 4

The HUSNG CoffeeHUD is a heads up display built specifically for heads up sit and go poker players for use on PokerTracker 4. The HUD is also excellent in any heads up situation for tournaments or sit and gos, such as Spin and Gos, MTTs or 6 Max Hyper Turbos.




Step 1 - Click the "Buy This HUD Now" button.

Step 2 - Enter the last 6 digits of your PT4 registration code (found in the email PT4 sends when you buy PT4, or if you login to you can find it). Also enter the email that your PT4 is registered to. You can find this by going to "help" and "about" in the PokerTracker 4 software.

Step 3 - Purchase the HUD. will then activate your HUD within 24 hours of purchase (Note: An automated email without the code will be sent to you first, this is not the email with the code. The license is sent manually). Make sure you have upgraded PokerTracker to 4.10.4 or later, otherwise the HUD will not activate.

If you haven't already, purchase PokerTracker 4 first, you need it to run CoffeeHUD. You'll get $10 off or 400+ videos free.

The support thread for CoffeeHUD contains answers to many frequently asked questions, as well as a list of all the stats in the HUD.