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So this week I decided to not be a nit and instead degen it up.

After seeing a thread (the second of it's kind) where a high stakes reg Harthor offered another reg 1.5:1 over a sample of 10001 hyper games I started toying with the idea of trying to get him to offer the same bet to me. I told him he should make the offer open to others instaed of just offering it to random players who will likely not accept, and he duely obliged making the offer open to me too. Then it got even more interesting, whilst considering the offer someone told me I should try and goad him into better odds, and the conversation went something like this...

"If I were a $300 reg challenging a $100 reg to hu4rollz I would lay 1.6:1"

"If I were a $100 reg reg I wouldn't trash talk a $300 reg unless i'm ready to play, which seems your not, last offer chadders 2:1. I hope you don't decline this offer"

2:1 was more than I could have ever hoped for, and it seemed like a lock for a +ev bet (I believe it was +ev, but not to the extent i originally estimated), and I even managed to get the sample down to 901! I semi nitted it up and sold half my action, but the total wager was $5k on my end to Harthor's $10k, first to 451.

I went into the challenge hearing from a few people that Harthor was super solid, and my pre match assumption was that I would be going in playing another reg and the the agression would be so high that it would just collapse in on itself and 3bet shoves with any suited rags would be standard. I even went to the effort of making ranges for allin and non allin 3bets at 25bb, with my allin including junk to balance with all the weak Ax and small pairs that were standard shoves.  It was all relatively pointless endevour though as Harthor never really broke the 80% button raise barrier, so my ranges couldn't be as loose as I hoped. I wont go into too much detail about the strategy in game as I could be hear for ages, but needless to say he didn't play anything like I expected he would going in and caught me off guard with some of his ranges. After our first session I spent a few hours in front of poker tracker trying to establish Harthor's frequencies for different effective stack depths and postflop tendancies. This helped me quite a lot as I altered some of my too loose 3b ranges when shallow and managed to avoid paying him off in some instances where his ranges were value heavy. Though in some respects I was lost in the woods, Ace high flops out of position were mostly a nightmare to play since Harthor probably knew for a fact I had 0 aces in my flatting range, where as the same wasn't true for him as he was making more of an effort to balance his ranges in spots like that.

By the end of the second session my chances came tumbling down when Harthor went on a heater and finished up the second session with a 33bi lead. Binomial calculator put me at 7% to win from that point on and factoring in rake I would have to pay to finish the sample the bet was only a few hundred $ +ev for me, and that was assuming a 50% winrate (I wish!).  I decided to put a 9bi stop loss and try and pull one out my ass, but no luck, at the point of finishing he had around a 38bi lead and I had no chance in hell of overcoming the lead, so I conceded the bet so I could get back to my regular grind. The challenge was fun, I learnt a few things about strat and even stengthen my swing muscle (that thing in your brain that lets you be as cool as  cucumber when the cards aren't so nice).  So now it's just back to the grind, putting in at least enough volume to hit 2x supernova before the end of they year. Expect to see me at the $100's for a bit whilst I rebuild, but I'll be playing $100-300 as soon as I'm rolled.


And as always, a pretty giraffe, this is from Harthor's POV for the hu4rollz before I called it a day:

HU4ROLLZ GRAPH, harthor's pov

Feel free to hit me with any hu4rollz related question in the comment section.



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Wow never expected this was

Wow never expected this was going to happen.. I missed this beeing on holidays. Ugly end chad, but well I did expect that as i told you ;) . But still having the balls to do this kind of a battle will improve you as a player and maybe in the end the battle still was +EV for you. Gl on the grind back!


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Swing muscle, nice.Good job

Swing muscle, nice.

Good job on the challenge, and same to Harthor. Sounded like the railers enjoyed it and it was more about the poker than the trash talking, always a rare treat in our community.

Would've had a nicer sweat if the EV were realized, oh well.