Carbon Poker Launches $12,000+ Heads Up SNG Leaderboard for January

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New Higher Rewards Setup Rewards Volume; Emphasis on Buyin

Carbon Poker is beginning 2014 by offering a $12,200 Prize Heads Up SNG Leaderboard for the month of January. The total represents a 20% increase from the previous $10,000 monthly prize offering.

The leaderboard has also been redesigned and is now determined based on the amount of VIP points earned. VIP points are given for each HUSNG played, with higher amounts being paid to higher stakes buyins. However, Carbon Poker does expect several players at buyins as low as $5.50 to have a real chance to place on the leaderboard.

The leaderboard will run in weekly increments, with $3,050 being given away during each of the four time periods (January 1-7th, 8-14th, 15-21st, 22nd-31st). Players can place during each of the time periods. VIP stats are reset at the start of each time period.

1st place is $750, with 20 places being paid, the 20th paying $25.

To sign up on Carbon Poker and qualify to receive all of our heads up poker video packs for as little as $100 rake, visit our Carbon Poker VIP Page.

Cashouts on Carbon Poker for USA players in December averaged ~3 weeks. Non USA players are cashed out far faster.

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New leaderboard is total bs now

The lower buyin players have been badly screwed by this change, we now have a much lesser chance of getting in the top 20 and getting any piece of the pie.  Maybe if we are lucky we can get in the top 15-20 for maybe a week or two and get $50 tops but that is it, no buyin levels 11 and under will have a crack at the top 10 unless you have absolutely no life.  

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I believe their leaderboard

I believe their leaderboard more closely resembles Stars VIP system now. For example, you can't get supernova elite at $15 levels on Stars. You aren't going to get Supernova either probably either at that level. Aiming for gold or platinum may be more realistic.

Granted, compared to the old version (where each level got a leaderboard they worked towards, I helped design that old one by the way), you are not getting as good of a deal, I agree.