Bjoerni89 Joins Team PokerStars Online

German Heads Up SNG Pro Joins PokerStars Team

November 23, 2011 - Bjoern "Bjoerni89" Schneider has joined the ranks of Team PokerStars Online. This is good news for the German high stakes heads up sng specialist, and he becomes the first German heads up sng professional to join the team.

Earlier this year, PokerStars refunded Bjoern a portion of his losses stemming from the disconnect-blind down controversy involving Plauzee and Alloman.

Bjoern has recently been locked in a heads up sng battle with high stakes professional Ben86.

Bjoerni89 German Heads Up SNG Poker Player Joins PokerStars Team Online Pro

For more information on this team PokerStars addition, visit the PokerStars Blog.


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Was about time. Go Bjoreni,

Was about time. Go Bjoreni, go!


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hmm idk why they pick him.

hmm idk why they pick him. Ben86 is crushing him.... and mjwOO6 said that hes bad player in one of his videos!

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Is he any good or just ran

Is he any good or just ran insanely hot  for some time? I remember that at one time he was at the top of sng leaderboard (SS) but later blew all his winnings away. I do  realize that there is a lot of variance in high stakes poker but still.... 

Btw its interesting that he is the first german to join team PS.

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I think even the people that

I think even the people that look upon Bjoerni's game the poorest (informed people that is, not random railers/haters) believe that he is at least a good player.

The downswing is basically all from one player, Ben86. The upswing is from a lot of opponents. He's still up six figures, maybe even over 200k, despite being "breakeven" or thereabouts on the year profit wise. So he basically would make the sharkscope leaderboard just on rakeback profit (he was clearly, easily #1 earlier this year on total profit, before the Ben86 games).

How good is Bjoerni? I don't know.  I'd ask players that play him a lot to get the best answer. Guys like Livb, H2Olga, B12, FisFarFar, Fishenzon, Skai and others probably have a much better idea of just how good he is than the rest of us.

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I finally found his overall

I finally found his overall HUSNG stats of 2011:

sure, he's down a lot, but it's still very profitable with more than 300k rakeback in just one year. I'm just wondering if he really gonna stop playing those games now in 2012 as he planned (again) after becoming PokerStars Team Pro earning him even 100% rakeback.