Big Stack, Small Stack Part 4

Hands between berndsen12 and evanski and pokinho18 and hasankiki

In the 4th edition of this series, Heybude and Mersenneary review a pair of hyper turbo hands. In the first hand, Berndsen12 faces off against evanski. The second hand is played between Pokinho18 and Hasankiki.

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so you talk about 2 hands in

so you talk about 2 hands in 20 minutes, and make bets on vid, good job. very informative vid.

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1st 6 min....gobbly gobbly

1st 6 min....gobbly gobbly gobbly gook ;)

Talking about what lines you would take w/o giving reference to villians specific hand ranges and freq. is pretty much useless info. Hope this comment is used productively to provoke more video makers to consider more specifics in explanations.