Big Stack, Small Stack Part 2

In the second edition of their series, Mersenneary and Heybude review a short stack hand played between Pokinho18 and Roundsky, and a deeper stacked hand played between Lotte Lenya and Fishenzon. They pour over each decision with a level of detail not found in most videos.

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First time I only gave 4

First time I only gave 4 stars to a Mers Video. I don't know, it is interesting having two different opinions on the hands, but maybe

there is a solution that both players can finish their sentences and thought process, and if not, maybe it is better to make two short videos with single commentation of the hands, and than point out where you disagree or agree in the comments.



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Since 90% of regs ($300+)

Since 90% of regs ($300+) have a 40-90 3bet range (value and bluff) 22 bb dp,

i'll keep giving it a try even if it is a bad unreasonable strategy, isnt it?