Big Stack, Small Stack Part 1

Heybude and Mersenneary team up to review a deeper stacked heads up poker hand and a shorter stacked hand in a special video. The small stack hand is played between high stakes players Pokinho18 and Bartels30. The deeper stacked hand is played between Lotte Lenya and Fishenzon. Heybude and Mersenneary discuss some interesting concepts, and take a very detailed look at every single aspect of each hand. Included are 3-bet calling ranges, flop bluffing decisions and a very strong emphasis on the assumptions that go into hand range makeup.

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I like it! only 2 hands at 30

I like it! only 2 hands  in 30 minutes, but so many information. Mers and heybude make perfect review, as a usual. 5 stars )

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Man what is with all the

Man what is with all the shouting from one dude, giving me a fucking headache, nice material tho ;)


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Heybude in particular gets a

Heybude in particular gets a bit excited at times, he really enjoys reviewing hands.

There are 4 more parts of this series by the way. Two and three hands in each video, similar to this, 10-15 minutes per hand, intense stuff.

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fwiw 3betting QTo is usually


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was the stacksize an



was the stacksize an important factor in your decision to not c-bet? Had you in mind that anyway you just need 2 streets to get it in?

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I dont wanna say because

I dont wanna say because fishenzon might read this:). Against a normal solid opponent I would always flat pre, or if I had 3bet KQ/AQ pre I would cbet this flop always. Heybude is totally right in critisizing every street, but against the opponent at the time I think I'm right.

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Yeah I apologize this was

Yeah I apologize this was like the battle of people who raise their voices when they are really into what they are saying. Who do you guys think won? lololol