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Beginner To Heads Up

Hello Everyone

I am a novice poker player in general & heads up

So obviously I know nothing about the game & need to learn

But here is my problem I am not interested in learning to play

full ring cash which is where everyone suggest you start

I want to play heads up cash but unfortunately Pokerstars 

wrecked that with zoom which I hate (my opinion) so I want to learn

heads up sit n gos & maybe spin n gos eventually and I was hoping

someone here could help me do that


So how can I start my poker adventure with heads up?    

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Well, the fast track would be

Well, the fast track would be getting coaching. I'd be more than happy to help you improve your skills. If your interested, please feel free to email me @ pbogz1114@yahoo.com

View my coaching page.

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Well I don't have a lot of

Well I don't have a lot of spare cash

What I do have goes to my bankroll on Pokerstars

​So I can't afford coaching yet

So could you give me a basic strategy

and  some info on player types

and how to adjust to them


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