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Basic Heads Up Strategy

Hey Everyone

I am new to heads up poker

So I was wondering if someone could give me a

basic heads up strategy & some information on

the various player types I will run into such as the

common TAG LAG Rock Calling Station & perhaps

some more heads up specific player types & how best

to adjust to them to extract maximum value

also I should add that I am starting from the micro stakes

but plan to move up as fast as possible



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Pbogz Journey video pack is a

Pbogz Journey video pack is a good place to start. It's really affordable and should be able to help you a lot with the basics.

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Well the only cash I have on

Well the only cash I have on hand is in my bankroll on Pokerstars

That's why I am just looking for some advice right now

Hopefully some advice that can help me get by for now

so that I may build a bankroll & put together some extra

cash so I can afford to get the video course & maybe some coaching


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The free videos are probably

The free videos are probably your best place to start then. Mersenneary's ebook is another good free resource that will help you start to approach the game from a good place.