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Anyone looking for website building/personal blog? Do you want to become a poker affiliate?

Hi , 

My name is Michael and I am the Webmaster here on husng.com.

Ever thought of becoming a Poker Affiliate but don't know where to start?

Do you want your own Personal Poker Blog but it all seems too hard and costs too much?

Want to build some other awesome website like husng.com but it all seems too daunting.

Have an idea for an app but have no idea how to code?

For as little as $199 I can build you an awesome easy to use website where you can start your own Poker Affiliate site or any other website you may desire.

I have been the webmaster here for the past 2 years and have been involved in a whole bunch of exciting ventures. The re-design of this website was all done by me , some of the tools like the Kelly Criterion Calculator and the Heads Up SNG Binomial Calculator were coded by me and we have just completed moving husng.com from a shared server to it's own dedicated server.I have experience moving sites of all sizes from shared servers to dedicated servers and from one owner to another.


I you are interested or have any general questions please feel free to contact me webmaster@husng.com


Some sites I have built are as follows.
And am currently working on the following sites
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Michael has been a great

Michael has been a great asset to this site for the last two years and I'm sure he'd do a great job on any web related projects.
Unlike many webmasters in the business, his speed is rather fast and his projections are consistently accurate.

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Hi all, Just updating some of

Hi all,

Just updating some of my web design details.

I have a new site where you can see some of my work.  222 Web Design

If anyone needs any type of website built , Poker related or otherwise please contact me. Details are available on my site.


222Webmaster -  222 Web Design