307th Hyper HUSNG Study Vid Part 2

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We continue 307th's video making debut with the second part of his analysis video. 307th is studying an opponent who limp calls a lot and does not limp shove a lot, and in this video, he explores three more hands using the CardRunnersEV program. Knowledge of CardRunnersEV is not necessary to enjoy this video, and our own CoffeeCalcs is an excellent alternative calculator that is designed from the ground up with a pure heads up focus.

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Hey, you made a typo at 2:20.

Hey, you made a typo at 2:20. You found CF to be 0.5575 for QJo but when you wrote that number into your formula you typed 0.575 so you got a wrong result. You got result 0.27 but it should be 0.21, so checking back with QJo should have slightly higher EV than IsoNAI, but the EV is so close I would say that QJo is indifferent between those 2 options.


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