307th Hyper HUSNG Study Vid Part 1

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307th debuts with a hyper HUSNG study session video! He uses CardRunnersEV to analyze a very unique professional opponent that limp calls a lot, and doesn't limp shove a lot, something he finds against the norm in the $100-200 hyper turbo games. He strives to find the correct counter strategy against this opponent type out of game, so he can apply it in game effectively and improve his winrate against this opponent. Prior knowledge of CREV is not required to gain value from this video. CoffeeCalcs is a great alternative that focuses purely on HUSNG situations.

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Very good.  One of the best

Very good. 
One of the best free videos on the site.

"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

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We extend the notion of an

We extend the notion of an invalid-curve attack from elliptic curves to genus 2 hyper elliptic curves. We also show that invalid singular (hyper)elliptic curves can be used in mounting invalid-curve attacks on (hyper)elliptic curve crypto systems, and make quantitative estimates of the practicality of these attacks.