3 players nash ranges

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I'm traying to build 3 players nash charts with simple nash, but I'm having issues.

the charts are not the same when the pusher is with less bb than with more bb, I will try to explain better:

for example: in a hand 10/20 with btn 600 chips, sb 400 and bb 500 will give some charts different than when btn 400, sb 600 and bb 500.


how do I build a chart? should I put a min edge? I thought that the charts would be the same it the eff stack is the same, but no, it's doesn't work like that, so, how do I do this and make my own chart?

I would like to make a chart for BTN, and another for SB, as well another for BB, like in the charts of HU, but I don't know how to do this, can some one please help me?


PD: sorry for my english, I'm a non native in that language